Paige has a hammock. It folds to the size of a very small purse and she sometimes sets off to go “hammocking” to find new locations on the ranch where two trees are just the right distance apart so she can…well, hammock!

I didn’t know until all of this started happening that hammock is a verb, but I didn’t know until my late thirties that Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine were siblings…so it isn’t unusual for me to find out things later than usual.

There’s nothing like an afternoon in a hammock to clear the cobwebs!

On a related topic, have you ever seen someone get into one of these things? It’s not the way you would imagine, where you simply walk up to the hammock, gently sit down sideways, and recline. You actually start on the ground, then hook your hands and feet into loops on the hammock, then do something with your body that requires you two twist and contort, then before you know it…

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