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White Wines

Majestic Oak Winery Cayuga White Wine


Cayuga White $13.99/bottle

Semi-Dry and a hint lemon
Estate Bottled

Majestic Oak Winery Shade Tree Serenity

 Shade Tree Serenity $13.99/bottle

Semi-Sweet blend of Cayuga White & Vidal Blanc

1.5L 2-bottle pouch - $25.99

Majestic Oak Winery Vidal Blanc

 Vidal Blanc $13.99/bottle

Sweet White

1.5L 2-bottle pouch - $25.99

Shade Tree White $11.99/bottle

Sweet, Niagara grapes
1.5L 2-bottle pouch - $21.99
3L 4-bottle pouch - $43.99

Blush Wines

Shade Tree Blush Front of Label

Shade Tree Blush $11.99/bottle

Sweet Blush Wine
Blend of locally grown grapes

Red Wines

Majestic Oak Winery Mill House


Mill House Marquette $19.99

Established Bottle

Majestic Oak Winery Providence


Providence $14.99/bottle

Blended of Marquette, Concord and Catawba

Majestic Oak Winery Shade Tree Red

Shade Tree Red $11.99/bottle

Sweet, Blend of Concord and Catawba
1.5L 2-bottle pouch - $21.99
3L 4-bottle pouch - $43.99


Fruit Wines

Apple Rapids $14.99/bottle

Sweet Apple Wine


Sparkling Wine

Carbonated wine done in a sweet style using Shade Tree Red 

Sparkling Shade Tree Red $15.99/bottle (Available for a limited time)